Colin Devlin Interview

Colin Devlin Interview – It Really Is About The Music


I sat down over coffee with Colin Devlin who had just returned from Atlanta where he been playing at the W Hotel as a part of a pre- Grammy celebration. While he was in Atlanta he filmed a segment for his song ‘Refuge’. It was shot on top of the W Hotel on their helipad. Which he said was “very, very high but lots of fun”. Devlin has filmed the last few trips he’s been on; Paris, Dublin, and Atlanta with plans of having it all edited together and creating a snapshot of being on tour. The video will be an average day of touring with static shots of him while the terrain changes around him.

If you’re not familiar with Colin Devlin, please allow me to introduce him to you. His voice is subtle with nuance. His musical melodies are hauntingly beautiful, lush, and smooth. His songs filled with deceptively simple lyrics which nevertheless cut to the soul. At times his music is gritty and bittersweet, always it seems to be hinting at a deep knowing and full of hope. In Ireland he’s a Rock Star, famous for his band The Devlins which he created along with his brother Peter and now for his first solo album ‘Democracy of One’; released last year. As well being a singer, playing the guitar (acoustic/electric) and piano, he is a songwriter. In the States you may not be familiar with his name but you have probably heard his music and not known it. Music from his band The Devlins and his solo album have been used in dozens of film, and television productions, such asHBO’s Six Feet Under, Batman Forever, Closer and One Tree Hill. Last year he was nominated for ‘Best Male Artist’ for a Meteor Award; Ireland’s “Grammy” Awards .

After ordering our caffeine and without missing a beat; he is a musician after all. Devlin chimed right in. “I’m going to Montreal for 3 weeks, [to work with] Pierre Marchand he has produced my solo record and also [produced] for my band The Devlins. He’s known for his work with Sarah McLachlan and Rufus Wainwright, he produces all their stuff and is a great friend. Montreal is a lovely city, a very creative city. It’ll be fun and I look forward to it.” Keep Reading


Pre Oscar Gift Suite I was Invited to Attend

Valentine Romance ‘Sneak Peak’ Oscar Suite Review –

A Rolls Royce of Gifting Suites


Over looking the excitement

The third annual Valentine Romance ‘ Sneak Peak ’ Oscar Suite may just be one of the Rolls Royce of the Oscar gifting suites. It certainly has the star appeal   attracting Hollywood Celebrities and industry VIPS such as ‘Dancing With the Stars’ beauties  Anna Trebunskaya   and  Edyta Sliwinska, ‘Twilight’/’Eclipse’ hotties  Michael Welch ,  Bronson Pelletier  &   Kiowa Gordon, Oscar Nominees — Producer, Dana Brunetti, Best Picture ‘Social Network’  and   Jenny Beaven,  Costume Designer ‘The King’s Speech,’  Chris McDonald, Ariel Winter, Charlene Amoia,  Marisa Ramirez,  Marilu Henner, James Kyson Lee, Kevin Eubanks,  Kevin Rahm,  Oscar Nunez,   Scott Baio, Carrie Keagan,  and Sofia Milos.

Oscars_kevin_michael_sofia.jpgKevin Rahm, Michael Welch and Sofia Milos

Of course Hollywood is a buzz of excitement with great things to say about this highly coveted invitation-only event, co-hosted by  Jurlique®  and produced by Doris Bergman and Kathy Duliakas, “This suite is exquisite. It’s very generous. There’s a splendid array of goodies!” said   Billy Zane.


Vivica A. Fox and Billy Zane

“I’m having a wonderful time – the patio dining, the buffet lunch, the tray-passed appetizers – the quality of the vendors – this is really a special treat!” added   Mischa Barton. “What a beautiful party!” said  Vivica A. Fox, “the ambience, the gifts, the food — this is amazing – I’m so happy to be here!”  2011 Grammy-Nominated artist, Gramma Funk chimed in, “This is so fabulous. I’ve been to a few gift suites before but nothing like this one — I’m coming back!”

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Stuff Your Eyes


David Leveaux Interview – On the Art of Making Theatre

David Leveaux Interview – On the Art of Making Theatre

By Paula Jessop


David Leveaux

Although David Leveaux is English it would be a misnomer to call him a British Theatre Director. More fitting and precise would be to say he is an International Theatre Director. His credits read more like a World Atlas than they do a resume; covering countries such as England, Ireland, Scotland, United States, Germany, Austria, and Japan.

On Broadway, some productions Leveaux has directed are Anna ChristieNineFiddler on the Roof, and Cyrano de Bergerac. In England he has directed for The Royal Shakespeare Company , The Almeida Theatre, The Donmar Warehouse, The Royal National Theatre, and The English National Opera. He was also one of the founders and the Artistic Director of Theatre Project Tokyo in Japan.

Leveaux has worked with luminaries from the theatre world such as Harold Pinter, and Tom Stoppard. Some well known stars from the movie world he’s directed are Antonio Banderas, Jennifer Garner, and cross over stars such as Kevin Kline, and Chita Rivera … I could go on and on but you get the picture.

As a self proclaimed “fugitive” (because of his nomadic lifestyle) one would think that Leveaux is a man without a sense of home. Instead this “fugitive” status has given him insights into the commonality of our souls which he finds much more intriguing than our differences. For him the world has become a home, or in his case, a stage.

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with David Leveaux. True to form, he proved to be intriguing, articulate, and of course, generous.

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A Conversation with Ray Bradbury

A Conversation with Ray Bradbury

By Paula Jessop


Ray Bradbury, is a novelist, short story writer, essayist, playwright, screenwriter and poet. He was born August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois. In 1938 he graduated from high school in Los Angeles, California. High School was the extent of his formal education.


His writing has changed the way people think and once read; his words are hard to forget. Considered among the greatest writers of the 20th Century, he has been called the Godfather of Science Fiction. He has greatly influenced America and the world, and has proven to have a timeless appeal to young and old alike.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Bradbury several months ago and found him to be quick witted, eloquent and generous. The following is a transcript of our conversation.  Keep Reading

March 28, 2007

Stagestruck 3 28 07

Hey You,

I went on my first New York audition a few weeks ago. It was for an original play with Mae West as a character in it.


Mae West isn’t she divine?

It was so much fun doing research for it. I got a DVD compilation of several of her movies and studied her thoroughly. What a fabulous woman! Did you know that she not only starred in but wrote most of her movies?  I also love the way she used her body, flirted and threw innuendo around. She was so deliciously naughty without being in the least bit vulgar. It’s revolutionary and refreshing even today. I teased you a little last time with what Mae and I had in common besides our generous curves. I have sat on her toilet. What? Oh yes, I have!  My toosh and hers have shared the same throne. I have an X who bought her Pink toilet and bathtub at an estate sale. He put it in a rental unit bathroom redo. Oo la, la. lucky toilet.

Back to my audition story. So I prepared a hilarious monologue (which works so perfectly done as Mae West). I went to the audition and they told me the play had been canceled. Ugh. Keep Reading

March 12, 2007

Actually, I’m already getting ahead of myself.  I need to introduce my new column drum roll please; tttttmmmm, tttttmmmm, tttttmmmmm, TADA!!!  Stagestruck!!!  Like the title? Me, Too! But, are you wondering what’s it all about?

It’s about me and my journey to reclaim a dream I had early in life, a dream that I haven’t done much more than flirt with for years.  What-???-, dream, journey, flirt, reclaim, why now, what is she talking about?  I’m glad you asked. When I was a child I wanted to be an actress and not just any actress but a stage actress.


Helen Hayes

In sixth grade we had to do a report on someone we admired who was working in a career we were interested in.  With a little guidance from my mom, (face it I was in sixth grade the only actors I knew were on TV). We choose Helen Hayes. She was so beautiful, graceful and refined, a true lady and an amazing actress. Not only did she do TV and movies but she was a stage actress, oh bliss! That’s what I wanted. I pursued it by getting myself trained, enrolling in classes, workshops, drama schools, university etc, etc. But when it came time to actually do it, I’d always stop short. I moved to Los Angeles instead of big scary New York. I got a job, met a man and sidetracked myself, typical story. During those sidetrack years I flirted around with going back and pursuing acting but never had the follow thru. Until now.

Now, as they say is a new day and it is time, actually way past time, for me to start living the life I’ve always wanted. There’s a quote I use as inspiration by George Eliot ‘It is never too late to be what you might have been.’ I’ve used it as a mantra for a few years and just found it on a refrigerator magnet that I will hang on my new fridge in New York City. NYC, that’s right! Keep Reading